What Do You Think You Are Worth Anyway?

What do you think you are worth anyway?

It’s all about your self worth and value.  What do you think you are worth?  Tell me?  Are you worth anything?  When you find out, that’s when you get the road map to being successful.


See if you don’t think you are worth anything, then why do you think I should do business with you?

Self Worth is something defined by Webster’s Dictionary as:  “a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect”

Self Worth When There Are Haters

Are you a good person?  I am sure you are!  Do you have to be good to everyone?  Now that’s is a question that I’m sure you will say “YES”, especially if you are in business.  The truth is, however, that not everyone will like you!  Some will actually hate on you for your accomplishments and choose not to purchase from you.  That’s ok!  For every one person that hates on you, there will be many who like you.


Don’t allow negativity from anyone to disrupt your end goal!  Remember the toilet and flush the negativity down the drain.  You have too much invested from January 1 right now to fall into a pit full of despair and uncertainty.

worthI, myself, avoid negativity by going to the local convenience store.  I can sit and drink coffee and work on my blogs and other business interests mostly in quiet.  Other people are there, but it’s white noise considering getting distracted by someone telling you that you will never make it.

Realize that going into business isn’t an instantaneous reward.  The long term is what’s being achieved here.  A popular SEO firm said that to become popular on Google you have to have fresh content going regularly and invest at least 6 months for proper rankings on the Google Webmaster Search Console and Google Analytics.

So don’t let anything get you down.  Work towards the end goal of success for whatever that may be for YOU!



Being Successful Isn’t Being A Lover Of Money!

Being Successful Isn’t Being A Lover Of Money!

It means you have the money to make your payments to expenses and are able to live a great life!  When you consider what things cost today, the big take home is to make as much as you can and as fast as you can!  Not to be a lover of money, but to be a lover of paying your debts on time.


You might want to consider your passive income strategy as a retirement fund.  When you do retire from a lucrative employment position, your benefits may not be as great as what you thought.  What a wonderful to supplement your retirement with the income generated and invested from your passive income business.

What if you already quit your job and are doing well with your income generation strategy?  Know this, the more you can get, the better off you can be.

Healthcare:  The New Money Vacuum!

Let’s look at something I have to deal with every year, and that’s the rising cost of healthcare.

Healthcare is a really dirty word!  The Affordable Healthcare Act is anything but affordable.  When you consider the information you have to give the system and keep track of throughout the year, it’s more of a headache than anything else.

I called the regional BCBS and was quoted a premium of over $700 per month and a $6,983 deductible.  I don’t use that much in prescriptions per year!  So in other words, I pay for this insurance, and pay for all my office visits, blood work and everything full price because it will never get to $6,983.  That was the cheapest one NOT on Healthcare.gov because those plans my doctor and hospital do NOT take!


This doesn’t include other expenses like student loans, car insurance, food, fuel, etc.

Being successful means you can pay these expenses without compromising your livelihood.  It’s not being a lover of money.  Money if we go back a couple of blogs is like time– a scarcity.  Once it is gone, you are considered “Under Water” meaning your debit/equity ratio is high– you owe more than you own.  Once that ratio creeps upwards, it’s hard to obtain lines of credit for cars, mortgages or capital funding for business.

Saving For The Future

How can one save for the future if they have bills draining the income?  You have to hustle to bring more income into your cash account!  In order to be truly successful, the amount you bring in, has to drive down the percentage of what you pay out.  Therefore your debit/equity ratio will be significantly reduced.


For me today, I always take what I have and save some and invest the rest.  I invest in new ideas to generate income in different financial vehicles.  You should do the same. Make it mart of your MMH Moment that you should have each day to generate yourself additional income.  You never know when you will be needing it.  Don’t become a lover with your money, become a lover in being able to leverage it to live a debt free life and a life that you personally want.


Get out of your box! Don’t be a pessimist!

Get out of your box!!!


Get out of your box already! Have you ever thought about how the most successful got started?  They started not just with one plan, but with many, failing at many things they started getting right back up and starting again!

Hustle, as Gary Vaynerchuk so incredibly puts it!  Gary doesn’t really believe in marketing numbers, he believes in the bottom line result and doesn’t really care how you get to that end goal, that you just do.

The Accounting Firm Slap In The Face

Getting out of your box means doing something unorthodox to get to that goal! People are always taught, go get that education; go get a job.  Let me tell you I got my degree at a late age and it’s not all cracked up to what you think.  I had a high grade point average, honors college student and still couldn’t get into any accounting firm.

Have enough value in yourself to direct your feelings against usury!

One firm discriminated against me not for age, but because I refused to drink wine while on medication.  I had another firm refuse to hire me because I was in a wheelchair.  A month later, this HR professional from this firm saw me and seeing me walking, was overjoyed! Since I lost weight, she wanted to talk job.  I thought, what a freaking crock of crap that was!  We have a saying in our family, “IF YOU CAN’T SEE ME WHEN I’M LIVING DON’T COME SEE ME WHEN I’M DEAD!”  Meaning if I was useless to you in a wheelchair and overweight, then I’m useless to you now as one who isn’t!

No matter what kind of GPA I have or how many accounting skills I amassed already, it didn’t matter.  It’s the fact that I’m out of the wheelchair that has you wanting me.  I told her where she could stick her accounting job!

What about you?

What about you?  Would you leave your cushy 9-5 job to start a business of your own?  That’s kind of ballsy.  It’s very risky!  How about leaving a job paying you $120,000 a year to go make several million, most wouldn’t!  Most would say that I was crazy, and (living inside of their pessimistic box) are probably correct, but if that $120k a year position isn’t bringing you any happiness, then the value of it might as well be zero!

I always look at something like that as you are making someone else rich instead of yourself!  The time you put into that position could be making you millions somewhere else.

Remember the word UTILITY:  an economic term that means the measure of happiness something brings to you.  More utility equates to more happiness you get until you are sick of it and then go look for something else.   People are taught to make enough money to meet their budget spending.  Make enough to pay your bills and a little left over.  You can get loans if your credit is good!  Today your credit could be in the tank and still be able to get a loan with an extraordinary high interest rate!   Look beyond that– not just having enough funds to pay your bills, but having enough to do whatever you want to do on a daily basis!


For Me:

I love my job now working at a funeral home practicing accounting which pays my bills while working on my own business pursuits.  My other pursuits include working on memorial tribute videos for another company I started, The Perfect Image, my notary and trailer business, Barnyard Trailer Sales, and Java Greggys.  It’s time consuming, but helping people get to their end goals, whether it be through memorial tributes, trailers, notary work, coffee or training it’s rewarding to me–getting outside the box though to come up with a plan for all of it.

The Walking Dead and Lemmings

black sheep jump cliff

In order for you to get what you want, you probably will have to go outside your box.  Too many people are engrained into the “Walking Dead” syndrome. Like lemmings jumping off a cliff, it starts at elementary school and continues through high school and college.  Then you have an adult in a saturated work economy that has the same degree and skills as five million others.  At that point, it becomes a survival of the fittest and the employer lays off people.   All that education and money invested becomes money wasted.

Some will go and get jobs that will never give them the income they need.  They are actually afraid of starting their own business –bettering society with their talents because they look at it as a Pipe Dream.

Reality?  NO!  A Plan!

What’s the reality?  The reality is get your job!  Then use it as a stepping stone to get what you want.  Listen, you only live once (YOLO).  Make the most of every single day you get.

Stay in the positive realms.  If something you see distracts you from your goal, then get rid of it or stay away from it.

I purposely stay away from some people on Instagram and Facebook because I would rather see them get hit by a bus than view what they are posting.  When I am brought up about such people, I consider it white noise because I know that they will never be successful.  For me, they are just little dogs nipping at the heals of the truly successful and trying to bite them to death.  Push that flush lever already and say GOODBYE as they swirl around the drain and get sent to sewage dump!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is don’t be a pessimist.  Be an optimist instead.  If you need to take time for yourself and dream, then go do it.  Try out something new for a change and get away from the day in and day out lifestyle.

If YOU want any of the following

  • New Car
  • New Home
  • Vacation in another country
  • Yacht
  • Millions of Dollars
  • Fit and Fabulous Body
  • Free From Addiction
  • Meaningful Relationships

Go now and get out of your box and work for it.  Sitting back in your chair, watching more television gets you the same as it did yesterday– nothing!   Try something you have never tried ever before and become something new that will profit you forever!


Successful People Try To Be Healthy People

Successful People Try To Be Healthy People

Consider this, it’s the start of the new year and you want to flush not only the negative but also some unhealthy habits!  To be successful you have to get rid of the unhealthy and that doesn’t just include relationships.

Don’t wait for the new year to do that!  Start today!  The first of the year is going to be no different than the day before or the day before that one!  Changing starts NOW!

If you are into a habit of smoking, drinking or overeating, consider what would happen as your success grows.  You cut down your life span and time to enjoy your wealth that you managed.

Now let’s clear the air here, I’m not talking about pre-existing conditions inwhich you had no choice in the matter and suddenly found out.  I’m talking about reducing your life span from an addiction.  Bad addictions are things that take away from your time to build your wealth and be successful.

How much money do you spend on cigarettes, eating out or alcohol?    How much money do you spend on frivolous expenditures:  lottery tickets, gambling, other unnecessary spending?  The successful person doesn’t invest in these types of activities.  Sure they go out to swank restaurants, but they watch what they invest in because as fast as the wealth came, is as fast as it can leave!


Consider your healthcare.  Recently my father had the insurance company send a nurse out to check up on him.  I am sure that nurse documented everything because when his renewal comes, the insurance company is looking for a way to raise the premium.  They call it a free service, but remember nothing in life is ever free.

Healthcare Across Different Areas

Even though we are not to be judged on pre-existing conditions, I am sure that has been computed in the tables for the premiums for healthcare.  In fact, not all areas are the same premium.  I have learned that with the Affordable Healthcare Act, certain counties in Florida are rated more riskier than others and the premiums are adjusted accordingly.

The successful person usually has their healthcare computed into their monthly expenditure of bills.  The successful person is also mindful of their lifestyle so they can spend less time in the doctor’s office.

Consider the following:

I have been overweight for a lot of my life.  I have even had problems from it — BAD PROBLEMS.  If you really want to know those details, I would suggest you go over to my bodybuilding site, GDUBS and there you can learn about it.  I have been trying to better myself now for several years.  I’m winning that war and you can too, in effect it’s my success to stay alive.

Successful Health Lifestyle

Don’t wait for January 1 to roll around, go join a reputable gym today.  There you can meet a trainer that can help you put years back on your life… SUCCESS!   Considerthe alternative:  poked and prodded by doctors or laying in a hospital bed because you can’t breathe.

If you are afraid to get a trainer, then there is a trusted resource that can help you achieve healthy goals and it’s free!  Go to www.bodybuilding.com and there you can look up different exercise plans for free!


So get out there and get healthy, so you can enjoy your successful lifestyle free from health conditions!

Successful People Don’t Borrow Much Money

Successful People Don’t Borrow Much Money

True success means that you can afford items on your own.  Successful people don’t borrow money unless they can pay it off very quickly!  When Suze Orman was on CNBC, I would watch her show every week.  I would get a kick out of the “Can I Afford It Segement”.  Suze would act like a loan officer and a bank and the callers would ask for some of the most extravagant things and she would delve into their financial condition to tell them either approved or denied!  It sure was a hoot!  Take a listen.

Now while you may get a kick out of this, what Suze says is absolutely correct!  You need a substantial retirement and you also need an eight month emergency fund.  Successful people don’t borrow money because they have these funds in place already.  Successful people are not in high credit card debt, they understand that the cost of borrowing is substantial and do not wish to pay banks high interest rates.


Let’s say you want to borrow the money from the bank for that Mercedes we talked about recently and let’s say for instance you get a 3.99% interest rate and you take the loan out for 5 years.  This would be 60 months in the whole term of the loan.  You can easily figure these things out by going to www.bankrate.com and looking at their calculators, or you can use Microsoft Excel to figure out the loan.  I encourage you with iPads to load up Microsoft Excel on there (you can get at the App Store) and put in there the PMT equation that will give you the monthly payment on a loan.  Then you can take the iPad with you to the car dealership, input some values and instantly know what you will be paying.

But let’s get back to our example:

The cost of the Mercedes = 80,000

The Term of the Loan = 5 years or 60 payments (12 x 5)

The Interest Rate = 3.99% which is monthly

So if you put that into Excel you will get the monthly payment being:  $1472.96

Now if you multiply that by 60 (because you will pay $1472.96  — 60 times) you get a whopping:  $88,377.65 and if you subtract the beginning amount (principal) of what you borrowed from that figure you get $8,377.65.  This would be what the bank made in interest.  $8,377.65 is quite a lot of money that you have to work for extra just to have that car right now.  

Where I can get a car for a smaller payment

A successful person will reduce the loan by not purchasing new, but buying used with low milage.  The bugs should also be worked out of the car by then.  The best thing to look at is an off lease company where you will get used for an extremely good deal thereby lowering the amount you are borrowing.  One place you can go to is Blue Knob Auto and take a look at some of the cars they have there.  Or another place is Off Lease Only 

A Word Of Advice In Closing

That’s a lot of hard hitting math in today’s lesson, but that’s also the cold, hard and harsh reality of the costs of borrowing.  Why borrow at all when you become successful you can go and afford it yourself.  Money give a sense of true well being, it also gives you a sense of confidence.  Money can go as fast as it comes, so please be careful with it.  If you are going to be successful you have to do your due diligence and care to make sure that the hard work you put into something sustains you not only in good times but the bad.

Here is another episode of “Can I Afford It” that shows you about having wealth and what it can do.



Successful People Don’t Borrow Money!  Go Be Successful Today!!!



The Millionaire Me Hour Finding The Niche For Success…

The Millionaire Me Hour Finding the Niche For Success

Everyday, I try to take time out of my schedule whether it be day or night, to have a Millionaire Me Hour, or a MMH Moment!

Now you might ask, “What the heck are you wasting your time now on?”

The Millionaire Me Hour or MMH Moment is a time when you shut completely down, no phone, no distractions, just you and your computer.  Then you think if you had a million dollars sitting in front of you now, how could you double or triple that in a given amount of time.

This also works when you are just starting up, so I am going to expound on it here.  If you have Microsoft Office or Google Calc, the exercise becomes a lot simpler.  A yellow legal pad and pen and straight edge works too.

Make three columns as shown and place in your data:  

(NOTE):  If you click the headings in the table below, it will sort the data.  Look how easy that is and carefully think if you have a huge listing that you could quickly find the answers to your “What If” questions.

Niche Brainstorm Example

Description Of TaskRank (1-least , 5-best)Monetize ($)
Offer Piano Lessons4$
Offer Notary Services3$
Write and Play Royalty Free Music5$
Clean Apartment Building3-

Then look at your table.  Choose only the ones you have dollar signs. The ones that don’t have dollar signs eliminate from the table completely.  Next look at your ranking and sort the table again from high to low or from 5 to 1.  You will then have an idea of something that you feel you are great at doing and can make money executing.

When should I do The Millionaire Me Hour or MMH Moment?

You should do this exercise each day.  Find the time to take an hour and simply brainstorm things you could do especially if you had a million dollars or no dollars to invest. (Remember the Trade Off and Opportunity Costs?  Trading off an hour could net you millions in the long run.)  The reasoning behind The Millionaire Me Hour or MMH Moment  is to get you to re-invest into different ideas that can gain you more returns.  To be successful, you shouldn’t put your eggs all into one basket.  You also might find out that you stumbled upon an idea that could make you huge amounts of income.

The examples I used here are quite basic.  Your examples may become a little more complex.  Be careful as to not make them gigantically complex.  The object here is to go with vague and drill into the specificity of the idea.  The Millionaire Me Hour can be very profitable to you if you do this appropriately.  I usually go to a convenience store and open up my laptop and go with Excel and brainstorm.  When you plan to succeed you will find a way, if you don’t plan, you will definitely fail.

Now go to The Buffet of Success and eat like a pig! You deserve every successful moment you can get!

Dreaming For The Goal & Opportunity Costs

Dreaming For The Goal!

Dreaming for the goal is something that is widely talked about in the area of becoming successful.  You have to set goals then go carry them out.  Some people call this “Crushing The Goal”.

Dream about what you want.  I’ve always wanted to drive a high end automobile.  While, as an accountant, I will tell you that automobiles are one of the worst investments to make, you still need good transportation and if you have the funds, well why not?

Don’t ever look at yourself as poor, because that’s part of the dump you took from the first blog.  It’s negative!  The very thought proposes a mindset that you will never be able to get what you want in life whether it me a car, house, relationship or anything else.

Take a moment and dream big here.  I’ll get to the figures here in a little bit.  Here is what I was looking at:

These cars range from $46,000 to over $80,000 respectively.  There are many to choose from and prices are all over the board!  So lets do some figuring:

Mercedes Car = $80,000

6% Sales Tax = $4,800

Title (Pa. Title) = $51.00

Registration (Pa.) = $36.00

County Fee (Pa.) = $5.00

Temp-Tag (Pa.) = $28.00

Clerical Fee (Pa.) = $125.00

Total Investment = $85,045.00


This sounds all good!  Now you have your dream, lets turn that into a reality!  The question you now have to ask yourself is:  “When do I want the car?”  Now make that list:

NOW = 85,045 / 1 = 1 payment of 85,045

In 6 Months = 85,045 / 6 = Save Each Month 14,174.17

In 1 Year (12 Months) = 85,045 / 12 = Each Month for A Year Save 7,087.08


So next Christmas, if you were to start now and put back about 7,100 each month, you can buy that new Mercedes as a Christmas Present to yourself next year!

The fact is you have to get out and hustle.  Find out what you are good at, monetize it and go after your dream.  Can you put $7,100 away a month?  YES YOU CAN!  You have to believe it.  Once you get into your head, that you aren’t poor, you are actually very rich then you will achieve anything you want.  Why are you rich?  You have hidden skills and talents that other don’t have and you can make those skills and talents drive you to be as successful as you want to be.

Take a couple of minutes, get a piece of paper and dream!  Go on a road trip and find out what you would like to have and then get some coffee, tea, or beverage from Java Greggys and think about how you can monetize your skills you do have to turn your dream into a real goal!  That’s being productive!

Trade Offs and Opportunity Costs Dreaming Becoming Reality

Trade offs are a fancy economic term meaning what you give up to get something else.  The Opportunity Cost is the cost derived from the trade off.  While you are dreaming about your goal and going to place it into reality, make sure what you are giving up and the cost of that benefits the goal.

Example:  You go to a party and celebrate with friends.  You decide to your put your business on hold.  So the time you could have spent doing the work for your business was replaced with the party, which is a trade off and any profits that you could have made but lost is the Opportunity Cost for going and celebrating with your friends.

I bring up the idea of trade offs and opportunity costs because it is something we need to take a look at.  Where do you spend most of your time?  Is it doing something that will make you successful? Is it something that will keep you locked in your box?  Remember the dump we took?  That dump included the time that we use that cause us to be unproductive.  It is time wasted.  Another economic term is Scarcity.  Scarcity is the limited resources we have and the great demand of unlimited wants we have for the limited resources.  Time is a great example of scarcity.  You only have twenty-four hours in a day.  How you spend those hours in the day is what you profit from.  Do you perform tasks to make you successful in that time, or do you goof around being unproductive? How much time do you invest in yourself and your financial success?  How much time do you spend with others making them rich?  Do you budget your time or treat it haphazardly?  Once that second, minute, hour, day, week, year or decade is spent, you can’t get it back.  We don’t live forever, we are only here a short time.  Make every moment count!

Remember!  Your success depends solely on you.  YOU drive the car!  You want that Mercedes, The Million Dollar House, Trips, Cruises and not have to make payments for the rest of your life on them?  Then you have to appropriately get down to business and hustle to make it happen.  Force your opportunity costs to make your life profitable not next to poverty.  Dreaming can make you a happy person, but that dream needs to be reality before you become even happier.

Merry Christmas!

Go out there and be successful!!!

Take A Healthy Dump!

Just to warn you here before you read on, it’s going to get a little real here.  A “Take A Healthy Dump” is something you just have to experience to put that smile back on your face!

You maybe thinking OMG!  What the *#@& is he talking about now?

Think about it.  You go and eat all this healthy or unhealthy food.  It binds up in you creating toxins and making you feel tired.  You carry the weight load of crap and undigested garbage around with you because your body just holds onto it!  What do you do?  Sometimes you need to take some fiber.  Sometimes you just need to get real and go get that maximum strength laxative!  You now what happens when you take that!  You “Brownwash” that porcelain throne with the evil that could only come from the DEVIL!

Now!  You might say, this sure is a CRAPPY POST, but let’s look at your success and attitude!  Today your attitude might need a laxative!  If you woke up thinking any of the following:

  • I’m a failure.
  • I’m a loser.
  • Success is never going to happen to me.
  • I can’t read or study.
  • I’m a bore.
  • I drive around all night long looking for something to make me happy.
  • I worry about my bills!
  • I worry I won’t have friends!
  • People hate me (when in fact they love you dearly…)
  • No one has time to be with me…
  • I’m not pretty, I’m just ugly…

YOU NEED A TO TAKE A DUMP!  That’s right!  You are making the road extremely hard to get to a goal whether it be a healthy lifestyle, financial freedom or relational.  You are backed up with negativity and you need to get that crap out of your system! It might have been in there a while!  You know the type, the kind that sometimes is kind of breached or dried up and no matter how hard you grunt and push, you sometimes just have get your finger in there and dig it out!

Now that might sound gross and make you want to hurl!  However your attitude towards success plays almost the same role!  If you can’t crap success, then you are constipated with negativity!  TAKE A DUMP ALREADY!  AIN’T NO ONE GOT ANY TIME TO BE DOWN AND BACKED UP ALL THEIR LIVES!

Well how do I do that?

Here are some tips that can help YOU!

  • Change the people you hang with.
  • Get into activities that make you happy.
  • Go on a dream binge for a goal!
  • Work on your dream goal!
  • Change your social media to more positive things and delete the negatives!

The list could go on and on depending on your circumstance which you should sit and study!  Make a list of your positive attributes and negative ones.  Once you have that list, vow to get rid of the negative ones and focus your efforts more on the ones that make you successful.  What are those positive values worth to you?  Can you monetize the positive values?  Will they help you overall in your future?  I’m sure they will, you have to see into them!


Realize Your Value For Success

Realize Your Value For Success

Right now, I am sitting at West Virginia University’s Robert C. Byrd Health Science Center’s Medical School.  I’m having my coffee from Java Greggys while I type this!

What in the world are you doing in a hospital on the eve of Christmas Eve?  The answer is quite simple.  I’m being me.  I like to come here.  It’s quiet, full of energy because once donned these halls are some of the great medical minds in which we entrust our lives towards today.

To make it here as a student, you proved as an undergraduate that you were extremely successful.  You put in the grind.  You did the work and no matter the challenge, it was never too small for you.

I also was here as a patient, several times.  If you want to know that, head over to my other site GDUBS and you can learn about it there.  I had to decide whether I wanted to live or die.  I chose to live and now I find myself back here to talk to you about success.

Know Your Worth

You just aren’t a piece of meat for the picking.  You are someone who can provide value to society.  With that value comes persistence and drive to be the best you can be.  So go be the best you can be.  Think positive thoughts, because there are many who will want to tear you down.

Find Your Niche

I will be talking about this later in another blog and in depth, but get ready to build lists.  Make a list of things you are good at doing, then use that list to build on areas that you can use to become successful.  For example, if you are good at counseling, then become a counselor.  If you are good at doing taxes, then become a paid tax preparer.  If you are good at baking cookies, then become a baker specializing in cookies.

Your success depends on YOU!

Your success depends on the grind you give.  It depends on the time you take to make sure things are perfect.  It may mean you have to give up some things but in the long run, what you give up will probably net you more success in the end game.  If we change that word success to millions of dollars, then the drive should be clear.  Be a lover at what you can do and your worth, not a lover of money.  The money will be there.  Love on your success and lose the failures.  Don’t let anyone hold you back.  Thoroughly thing things through and get a mentor if need be.  Do your own reading and study which is research and development.  You will see that being prepared is a great part of the dream.

The book that is listed below “Change Your Habit’s Change Your Life” is one of the books that I just read.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to think successfully because it has a ton of great ideas in it geared to make you the best you can be.  Great book and it won’t set you back much!