What Do You Think You Are Worth Anyway?

What do you think you are worth anyway?

It’s all about your self worth and value.  What do you think you are worth?  Tell me?  Are you worth anything?  When you find out, that’s when you get the road map to being successful.


See if you don’t think you are worth anything, then why do you think I should do business with you?

Self Worth is something defined by Webster’s Dictionary as:  “a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect”

Self Worth When There Are Haters

Are you a good person?  I am sure you are!  Do you have to be good to everyone?  Now that’s is a question that I’m sure you will say “YES”, especially if you are in business.  The truth is, however, that not everyone will like you!  Some will actually hate on you for your accomplishments and choose not to purchase from you.  That’s ok!  For every one person that hates on you, there will be many who like you.


Don’t allow negativity from anyone to disrupt your end goal!  Remember the toilet and flush the negativity down the drain.  You have too much invested from January 1 right now to fall into a pit full of despair and uncertainty.

worthI, myself, avoid negativity by going to the local convenience store.  I can sit and drink coffee and work on my blogs and other business interests mostly in quiet.  Other people are there, but it’s white noise considering getting distracted by someone telling you that you will never make it.

Realize that going into business isn’t an instantaneous reward.  The long term is what’s being achieved here.  A popular SEO firm said that to become popular on Google you have to have fresh content going regularly and invest at least 6 months for proper rankings on the Google Webmaster Search Console and Google Analytics.

So don’t let anything get you down.  Work towards the end goal of success for whatever that may be for YOU!



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